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2011-12 BCA History


  • Board Meetings:
    • September 14, 2011, Georgia Baptist Convention, Atlanta, Georgia
    • February 22, 2012, Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas
  • 58th Annual Workshop:
    • April 11–14, 2012, Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas


  • President: Julie McGowan, Oklahoma Baptist University
  • President-Elect: Russ Rankin, LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Past President: Bill Bangham, International Mission Board
  • Program Vice President: Rand Jenkins, Baptist General Convention of Texas
  • Program Vice President-Elect: Trennis Henderson, Ouachita Baptist University
  • Membership Vice President: Stella Prather, Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes
  • Missions Vice Presidents: Chris Mills (changed jobs and resigned in Oct. 2011), Doug Rogers & Jesse Conte, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Don Graham, Freelance Photographer
  • Treasurer: Barbara L. Denman, Florida Baptist Convention
  • Communications Vice President: Scott Barkley, The Christian Index
  • Awards Chairman: Jim Edminson, Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina
  • Historian: Cam Tracy, Union University
  • Executive Director: Margaret Colson


As the number of tools available for communicators grows, so do the expectations of audiences in how those stories are told, learned approximately 75 communicators from every brand of media gathered April 11-14 in Fort Worth, Texas, at this year's annual BCA meeting, themed "Fast Forward."

In addition to Wednesday and Thursday's seminars on standards such as writing, social media usage, and photography, breakout sessions addressed the increasing presence of marketing strategy in communications as well as finding your creative niche and interactive design trends.

Open judging in BCA's annual awards competition stretched the first couple of days as well. BCA attendees had the option of dropping in at any time over the couple-of-hours-or-so (depending on the judges) that articles, videos, photographs, designs, et al, were critiqued - basically being a fly on the wall, albeit flies with their own chair, pitcher of water, and bowl of candy.

The new member orientation, welcome reception, and opening dinner with comedian Cleto Rodriguez capped the first day's events. Lessons learned: (1) When three desserts are brought out, perhaps that means you're supposed to choose among them and (2) Never ask the guest comedian before he goes on stage if he took a shower.

Missions has always been a hallmark of the annual meeting, and nearby Mission Arlington provided a great experience. Tillie Burgin and her family founded MA 26 years ago this August. Operated today by "Miss Tillie" and her son Jim, the center offers not only food, clothing, and other resources to the community, but counseling, job training skills, and (most important) Bible study groups to teach others about the gospel.

A group of nearly 30 BCA members travelled Thursday afternoon to Arlington to see the center (Like them on Facebook) and take part in moving boxes of plastic eggs held over from a giant Easter egg hunt in the community. The visit wrapped up with a viewing of the center's Christmas Store, housed in an adjacent three-story building that was given - yes, given - to MA.

Lifetime Member Inducted


  • Arthur S. Davenport Award for Exceptional Achievement in Public Relations:
    Alabama Baptists for "2011 Alabama Tornadoes"
  • Diane Reasoner Award for Exceptional Achievement in Interactive Communications:
    Justin Garcia of Mississippi College for "Mississippi College Redesign"
  • M.E. Dodd Award for Exceptional Achievement in Audio-Visual Communications:
    Innovative Faith Resources for "Empty Hands-CP Promo"
  • Fon H. Scofield Award for Exceptional Achievement in Publication Photography:
    Matt Jones of the International Mission Board for "A Street Called Straight"
  • Frank Burkhalter Award for Exceptional Achievement in News Writing:
    Ava Thomas of the International Mission Board for "Arab Spring"
  • Leonard Holloway Award for Exceptional Achievement in Feature Writing:
    Kathy Dean of the University of Mobile for "Ben Hedrick: A Life Unlimited"
  • Albert McClellan Award for Exceptional Achievement in Print Media and Design:
    Tracey Harrison, Alecia Porch, Marlo Kirkpatrick of Mississippi College for "Mississippi College Scholarship Banquet Poster"