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BCA Membership

Member Qualifications

  1. Any individual who is an employee of a Baptist organization whose primary professional responsibilities include public relations and/or communications;
  2. Any individual Christian whose professional services are employed on a freelance basis to assist Baptist organizations in public relations and/or communications;
  3. Any individual Baptist employed in a public relations and/or communications capacity by an organization which relates directly with Baptist organizations.
  4. Any BCA member who desires the continued stimulation and fellowship of the organization following retirement.

Baptist Communicators Association encourages students interested in communications careers with Baptists to join the association. A student member is a full-time seminary or college student who is not currently employed full time by a Baptist organization.

Professional Standards

  • Each member of the Baptist Communicators Association shall first be a committed Christian, seeking to fulfill God's call through the ministry of Christian Communications.
  • Each member shall place ministry and service above personal gain or recognition, striving to glorify Christ and extend the ministry of His Kingdom.
  • Each member shall adhere to the highest standards of truth, accuracy and fairness in every area of communications regardless of personal or professional costs.
  • Each member shall maintain personal and professional integrity as well as respect for free inquiry and the opinions of others.
  • Each member shall seek to produce the highest quality work possible while maintaining appropriate stewardship of available time, resources, skills and personnel.
  • Each member shall seek to strengthen his or her professional competence through ongoing professional development.
  • Each member shall respect and affirm the rights and opportunities of others without regard to race, color, gender or age.
  • Each member shall seek to affirm and advance the professional responsibilities and opportunities of fellow members through a spirit of partnership and cooperation.

Adopted during the 1995 annual business meeting in Williamsburg, VA

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