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  Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Name Title Organization Membership
Jay Adcock Designer/Owner JWA Creative 2011-Present
David Calvert Graphic Designer II Guidestone Financial Resources 2007-Present
Scott Camp Senior Graphic Designer Samford University 2007-Present
Jesse Conte Art Director Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions 2003-Present
Cindy Cowherd Accounts Receivalbe/Layout Artist Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary 2013-Present
Julie Cupples Director of Communications Louisiana Baptist Children's Home 2000-Present
Johann Dyck Web Designer/Web Developer International Mission Board 2012-Present
Shawn Elledge Graphics Consultant North American Mission Board 2006-Present
Jeremy Ephraim Graphic Designer Baptist Convention of Mayland/Delaware 2011-Present
Natasha Fullard Freelance Graphic Designer 2011-Present
Whitney Goulding Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Team Baptist State Convention of North Carolina 2012-Present
Lauren Chow Grim Graphic Artist The Alabama Baptist 2006-Present
John Hatton Graphic Designer International Mission Board 2012-Present
Scott Heit Director of Creative Services Union University 2010-Present
Ricardo Herrera Jr. Art Director Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2012-Present
Robbie Hewitt Graphic Designer Baptist State Convention of North Carolina 2012-Present
Garland Hopkins Graphic Designer GuideStone Financial Resources 2010-Present
Kelly Durham Hopkins State Missionary/Consultant Georgia Baptist Convention 2001-Present
Philip King Graphic Designer International Mission Board 2012-Present
Elizabeth Locke State Missionary/Associate Consultant Georgia Baptist Convention
Chele Marker-Cash Creative Services Coordinator Oklahoma Baptist University 2010-Present
Terry Pedigo Director, Visual Design International Mission Board 2005-Present
Alan Perrow Senior Graphic Designer International Mission Board 1997-Present
Erin Pickering Technical Artist GuideStone Financial Resources 2013-Present
Amanda Pritchard Graphic Designer University of Mobile 2013-Present
Patti Spencer Graphic Designer Innovative Faith Resources 2008-Present
Allen Sutton Graphic Artist Southern Baptists of Texas Convention 2013-Present
Gary Thomas Cartoonist Arkansas Baptist News 2014-Present
Clayton Thompson Assistant Director of Marketing Design Baylor University 2011-Present
Olivia Tichavsky Graphic designer Baylor University 2011-Present
Scott Toby Senior Graphic Designer Baylor University 2010-Present
Erin Tooley Freelance Graphic Designer 2013-Present
Monica Washington Graphic Designer Samford University 2009-Present
Rebecca Wolfe Graphic Designer Missouri Baptist Convention 2013-Present
Eric Yarbrough Director of Marketing Design Baylor University 1999-Present
Rene Zimny Assistant Director of Graphic Services Ouachita Baptist University 2013-Present