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The best seat

Top of the 5th - Cardinals 3, Cubs 1.

I'm watching the game via satellite, complete with veteran announcers, close ups from countless perspectives, ultra-slow motion at the drop of a hat, and informative stats covering an amazing array of details. This is really incredible!

Just a moment ago, Cardinal left fielder Matt Holladay hit a line drive, three-run homer. An instant replay from the pitcher's perspective showed the faces of those seated in the stands right behind home plate. At the moment his bat struck the ball, their eyes and mouths opened wide, followed immediately by their arms going straight up into the air. Yep, like me, they were Cardinal fans. With 450 miles between us, I was right there with them.

Online game coverage is already analyzing the impact of this home run on the rest of the game, reflecting on detailed history from every perspective you can imagine. I started writing only a few minutes ago, and the information provided in that short time is nothing less than amazing. It's almost like being there. It's almost better than being there! Almost.

Like you, I've covered a lot of moments, some huge, some small, but all important to someone. Finding the best perspective for the camera usually takes me to the heart of the activity. It's almost always the best seat in the house. It seems our jobs almost always take us straight to the very center of what's happening.

That sort of involvement is where the real stories are found. It's from the inside that we're able to see and learn the most relevant details that are important to our audiences.

BCA membership is like being on the sideline of the game or having a seat right behind home plate. It provides opportunities that come only to those with that sort of insider's perspective. From uniquely directed professional development to discovering friendships that may outlast your career, BCA is the place for a professional communicator. It's the place for you.

If you want to renew your membership - or possibly join us for the first time - here's the link: http://baptistcommunicators.org/membership/join.cfm

Now, back to the game.
Top of the 8th  Cards 4, Cubs 2.

POSTED: Aug 19, 2013 | Jim Veneman - jimveneman@gmail.com

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