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Hope: An Anchor to God's Faithfulness in the Storm

This headline, "Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb," was at the top of a long list of related stories on yesterday's, "The Oklahoman," website. We hardly read past the first sentence of the story before our minds begin to pull up the faces of those we know who live and work anywhere near Oklahoma City.

Where do our family members and friends in Oklahoma City find hope amid such devastation . . . when lives are lost and families torn apart? How do they keep going in the aftermath of the destruction? How do they look to a victorious future when all they see is an upside-down present?

A little more than five years ago I had just finished playing a game of racquetball with a couple of students when the roof of the gymnasium began to shake. Minutes later, I was standing at the edge of a mountain of rubble that had been Union University dormitories. In the coming weeks and months, I witnessed what can happen when God's people, along with vision-focused leadership, come together in pursuit of great things.

Soon after the storm, our president, Dr. David S. Dockery, wrote in "The Unionite," our alumni publication, "Hope is a powerful word - a driving force in life. Hope includes a desire for something, but it is even more than that. It is an eager, confident expectation that sustains us while we work diligently and wait patiently. Hope is not escapism, but is an energizing motivation for faithful living in the here and now. In the midst of life's challenges and struggles, hope stabilizes our lives, serving as an anchor to link us to God's faithfulness. Hope shapes and directs our service and gives it motivation so that while we wait and watch, we work faithfully."

Late yesterday afternoon our BCA executive director, Margaret Colson, sent me a list of 16 members living and working in Oklahoma. They are: Grant Bivens, Brittney Brown, Lane Castleberry, Michael Davis, Chris Doyle, Paula Gower, Ricardo Herrera Jr., Brian Hobbs, Chele Marker-Cash, Julie McGowan, Bill Pope, Cory Sams, Terrell Sanders, Robert Stanley, Dana Williamson, and Tiffany Zylstra.

We've included the list so you can pray more specifically. I know too that many of you have family and other close friends living there as well. At this point it may be difficult to reach them. We're all so accustomed to immediate communication; times like this may make us feel somewhat helpless.

For many of us, going to help is simply not an option. Giving might be. But praying for our friends and family in Oklahoma is something we all can do. May our Oklahoma friends and family members experience a renewed hope in our Sovereign God, energizing them to live faithfully for Him in the coming days.

POSTED: May 22, 2013 | Jim Veneman - jimveneman@gmail.com

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