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BCA 2013 Little Rock

Led by program chair Trennis Henderson and his team, those attending the 2013 BCA workshop in Little Rock experienced an outstanding mix of challenging professional development, along with time for building important relationships with colleagues.

The theme for this year's workshop was "Mission: Impact." The goal was to highlight the life-changing impact our work can have as Christian communicators as well as our professional mission. From start to finish we were reminded of the many ways we reach a lost world. Marketing, public relations, editorial, design, electronic media, photography, social networking and management were all highlighted. Creative breakout sessions, outstanding field trips, and a powerful mission experience provided the heart of an excellent workshop.

As much as I enjoy the many online resources for personal and professional growth, the experience of being together is still at the top of my list. Within our BCA membership is a very deep well of experience. From those who have been a member for years, to those who have just joined, this organization is blessed with amazing talent and wisdom. It's amazing how often something said in a short conversation with a BCA friend and colleague will turn out to be exactly what I needed to hear. For me, the impact of a brief, spontaneous moment during a BCA workshop is huge.

The 2014 workshop will be held April 9-12 at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. Not only will this be a beautiful place, filled with a lot of memories for some, it will provide another opportunity for outstanding professional development. And, of course, we will also experience the serendipitous moments that can have impact far beyond anything we could arrange. Make plans now to join us at Ridgecrest!

POSTED: Apr 22, 2013 | Jim Veneman - jimveneman@gmail.com

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