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Collect and gather resources through Storify

With so many Southern Baptists taking to social media, it's natural for their comments to range from not just anecdotal but into the realm of denominational polity. As dialogue grows, a tool to gather quotes and context through sites such a YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs is Storify.

I first came across Storify late last year and was intrigued by it's possibilities in covering Southern Baptist news. It's no secret that online SBC-related discussions pick up steam as the annual meeting in June approaches, culminating in a flurry of feedback during the gathering. Many of those online users are sticking with the medium, though. This leads to a pretty consistent stream of thoughts from Southern Baptists nationally, and specifically, in your state or focus of coverage.

Still getting used to it myself, I used the service last week to Storify comments on Twitter from SBC pastors and leaders in chronicling the reaction to Osama bin Laden's death. One bit of coaching I'd give is if you don't have a Twitter list set up for Southern Baptists and/or those from your state, do that now. If I didn't have those two in place I'd have lost a great amount of time looking through tweets and digging out those I needed.

(By the way, we're looking for BCA members on Twitter. If you're up and tweeting let us know. I'll be putting you here.)

To see more of the tools put to use, look at this Storify of Newsday's report when President Obama visited Ground Zero last week. I can see church groups - especially smart-phone savvy youth - Twitpicking and videoing their own contributions on mission trips that can later be pieced together for installation onto a church website or minister's blog. Storify pieces can be embedded into self-hosted Wordpress blogs, Tumblr, and Posterous.

As more people use social media to offer their insights they become contributors, even if unknowingly. Storify appears to be a great tool in collecting that feedback and packaging it.

POSTED: May 9, 2011 | Scott Barkley, Production Editor, The Christian Index - sbarkley@christianindex.org

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