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2007 BCA Scholarship Program Winners

Emily Nash Officers awarded the $1,000 Al Shackleford/Dan Martin undergraduate scholarship to Emily Nash. Nash is a broadcast journalism student at Missouri State University in Springfield. She serves as a reporter for the local NPR affiliate and has plans to attend seminary after graduating from college in 2008. BCA Communications Vice President Stacey Hamby said she picked Nash because she was impressed with not only the presentation of her application, but also the depth of her experience already in journalism and applying that to missions.

“I sense her passion for Christian communications and believe granting the scholarship to her would be like an investment in the future of Christian communications,” Hamby said.

Gabe Orea Gabe Orea, a divinity student at Truett Theological Seminary, is the winner of the $500 Shackleford/Martin graduate scholarship. Orea is a Mexican Baptist who served as a missionary overseas. A computer engineer, Orea has used his technology know-how and applied it to ministry by creating DVDs and other Christ-centered software. He plans to return overseas after his studies are done here in the United States. In his recommendation of Orea, Doug Rogers wrote, “ I was touched by his heart to reach people, and impressed by what he’s already doing in the area of media with limited resources. I believe the scholarship will not only encourage him, but enable him to gain skills to support his vision.”

John PurserAmelia HendraOfficers split the $1,000 Shackleford/Martin Professional Scholarship between Amelia Hendra and John Purser. Hendra is the director of communications at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a native of Indonesia and said in her application she'd like to attend this workshop to ". . . gain valuable knowledge about the culture and the practice of communications in America and the Baptist community specifically." Purser, who joined BCA this past fall, is a graphic designer for the University of Mobile. His main responsibility is updating the university’s web site.

Sondra Washington The Alan Compton/Bob Stanley Professional Scholarship was awarded to Sondra Washington who is a freelance writer from Birmingham. Washington, a graduate of both Louisiana State University and the University of Southern Mississippi, serves as a correspondent for The Alabama Baptist and wrote a book entitled, “The Story of Nannie Helen Burrough,” which was published by the Woman’s Missionary Union.

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